Better password security when you create a Zoom meeting

What's new?

  • We added an "edit settings" button to booking pages. You'll see it if you're logged in and looking at one of your booking pages. It means you can test things out, and quickly jump back into edit mode if need be.
  • You'll notice a login button on the sign-up screen and a sign-up button on the login screen, meaning you can more easily switch between them both.

    Booking pages improved

What's changed?

  • We've updated how we generate passwords when you create a Zoom meeting, so your video calls are even more secure.
  • On the appointment types page, the "continue" button is always in view, and isn't clickable until bookers choose an appointment type, making it a better experience for bookers.
  • We improved the appearance of the accept and reject booking screens.

What's fixed?

  • We fixed a small quirk where changing the booking duration on the booking form also changed the time format from 12hr to 24hr.
  • We also fixed a problem where checkboxes weren't working on booking forms. Thanks to everyone who reported it and helped us fast-track a fix!

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