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What's new?

You can now host virtual meetings using Google Meet! Google Meet IntegrationWe’ve added Google Meet to our roster of virtual meeting tools. When you select Google Meet as the event location, we'll automatically create a unique link for all your virtual meetings. All you need is to be creating events on a Google calendar and have Google Meet chosen as the event location.

You can also create unique links for team member bookings so all your team members can host virtual meetings. 

Find out more about generating unique Google Meet links for bookings.

What's changed?

One change this month is to participants' status on calendar event invitations. Bookers were being listed as "optional" on calendar event invitations which occasionally caused confusion. We've now updated this so bookers don't show as "optional".

We also upgraded our protection against bots by rolling out the latest version of Google captcha. This means you can be confident that new bookings or changes to existing ones are made by real people!

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