What’s your favorite part about using YouCanBook.me? 

When we ask that question to customers old and new, we consistently hear the same answer: they love how customizable it is!

We are incredibly proud of how easy it is to make your YouCanBookMe booking pages your very own. You’ve got complete control over the color, logos, and text on your pages, in your emails - pretty much everywhere! 

This month we’ve made that even easier - with two additional Markup tools and extra language support

The first helps you to easily convert your existing HTML to Markdown. If you’re not yet a Markdown whiz, or if you simply already have everything the way you want it in HTML, just paste in your existing text, click on the Convert HTML to Markdown link and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you!

The other update allows you to add a block quote in Markdown. Simply use the ‘>’ character to highlight text to make it stand out!


YouCanBook.me allows you to add a block quote in Markdown


If you’ve got customers on the Continent, you can really speak their language with YouCanBookMe. Your booking pages can already be translated into more than 20 languages. This month, we’ve added two more: Dutch and Belgian French.

For those of you with larger teams, or if you offer a lot of different Appointment Types, we’ve updated the way these display on your booking page. Team Members and Appointment types no longer list vertically, which created scrolling issues for some of you. Now, they display in columns. This means a booker can get to the option they want faster, for a better customer experience. 


YouCanBook.me improves customer experience


And, finally, for when you’re making all these fantastic changes, we’ve removed the autosave which was catching some of you out. When things are going so well, who needs a fly in the ointment? 🪰

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