Increased character count

You can count your blessings … or count sheep 🐑 😴. 

But you don’t have to count characters anymore!

Today we’re announcing two changes to our settings that will make it easier to add booking page instructions.

When we released the most recent version of our booking page, we aimed for a template that was flexible enough for your individuality to shine through, but also followed best practice guidelines for effective websites. 

Part of that included a maximum character limit for text boxes. 

We knew that if the introduction text was too long, the booking grid got pushed down “below the fold” which meant bookers were confused about next steps or, worse, they simply abandoned the booking altogether. 

The maximum limit was 220 characters. 

But a number of you got in touch to let us know that wasn’t quite enough. Plus, you had to use a separate tool to find out how many characters you had used, which was a hassle. 

Well we listened to that feedback and today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve increased the number of characters from 220 to 300 in three places in the settings pages. 

We’ve also introduced a character counter on these booking page text boxes. Now it’s easier to see how close to the new character limit you are without leaving YouCanBookMe’s settings. 

Here’s where you’ll find the increased limits: 
Booking page instructions15—Character Counter Booking page title

The team page introductionTeam page introduction text

Appointment type selection fieldAppointment type selection field

The extra space is just enough to add directions or information about a meeting (that sentence was 80 characters). But it still ensures the best booking experience

And, don’t forget you can use markdown formatting, shorthand codes and conditional statements in these text boxes too.

So go ahead and express yourself!


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