Uninterrupted booking forms for a better customer experience

What's new?

We’ve made the booking process more seamless by replacing the CAPTCHA test at the bottom of the booking form. We've updated to reCAPTCHA v3.

It gives the same great protection against bots, but it doesn't delay completing the booking form.

Which means you’re providing a better customer experience. 

What's changed?

  • If you have an online booking page that's taking bookings but loses connection to its linked calendar, we'll now let you know via email so you can quickly get things up and running again.
  • Bookings exports now include a folder column to give you more ways to slice and dice your bookings data. This column will show the name of the folder that the booking page is in. If you're not using folders yet, they're great for keeping your dashboard organized.

What's fixed?

Invited team members were hitting a bug if their invite was removed before they had a chance to accept it. Now, we let them know what's happened, and what to do next.

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