You want to be available to meet. That’s the whole point of using online scheduling, right?

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can - or want to - have meetings all day long! 

How do you balance showing maximum available times, with the need to focus on other things? 

Today, we’ve got the answer.

Limit bookings per day is here 🎉

Introducing our new limit bookings per day feature. It automatically limits your available time to save you from being stretched!  

How does it work? 

Limit bookings per day lets you show a full week of available meeting times, so you're not restricting when people can schedule time with you. But, as soon as you hit the pre-set limit of meetings on any day, we'll stop showing that day as free. 

How do I set it up?

The Limit bookings per day feature is easy to set up in your account settings. Just head to the Times & Availability section of your booking page settings. Then select Duration & Display. Click on Limit Bookings per Day and use the + and - toggles to set the maximum number of appointments you want to take in one day. 


daily limit

That’s it!

The limit is set per booking page and each page on your account can have a different limit. So if you have colleagues using separate booking pages, each person can set their own limit.

If all team members are listed on the same page, the limit is for total bookings across all team members.

So what do you think, what’s your limit?

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