New year with improvements all around

What's changed?

Notable Team management changes include:

  • Updating the team member Zoom dropdown to be the same as the calendar dropdown. It's now easier to search for and connect Team members with their Zoom integration.
  • Making sure team members can cancel bookings using {OWNER-CANCEL} and {OWNER-CANCEL-LINK} shorthand codes. Before this fix, team members couldn't cancel bookings using these links.

What's fixed?

As mentioned, there was a lot of bug fixes this month, including:

  • Making sure any errors are cleared after updating break times. Before, the errors kept showing until after a page refresh, making it a little confusing.
  • Improving how we handle long calendar names in the list of available calendars. Previously, long names didn't show in the list!
  • Making sure the {PRICE} shorthand code shows in calendar events and confirmation emails.

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