Track meeting no-shows with YouCanBook.meWhat's new?

You can now track and see booking attendance rates with No Shows! Simply mark a booking as a no show and you'll see a “no show: tag beside it on your bookings dashboard. You can also export that data to a .CSV file to use as you like.

You'll see the option appear on your bookings dashboard after a booking starts and a new column titled “No Shows” on bookings exports.

You can read more about No Shows here.

What's Changed

It's now a lot easier to assign calendars to team members. As a follow-up to Team Management, we've updated the team member calendar dropdown. Instead of scrolling till you find what you want, you can now type to filter the list and find what you want quicker.

We've redesigned our Jobs page and About us page to champion our company values and share the story.

We also made some accessibility improvements. Screen readers will now let customers know when the “Next week” and “Previous week” buttons aren't active.

Kayleigh Bingham

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Kayleigh Bingham

Kayleigh is a Product Manager at She's passionate about putting our customers at the center of everything we do. Pen and paper in hand, and never far from some post-its, Kayleigh is always working on ways to add more value to our product.

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