Sometimes you need to limit who can schedule time with you, and when. Today we're introducing single-use booking page links that let you do just that!

Now you can access a special version of your booking link that will only be available for a single booking. If you need to limit the number of bookings a person can make, or just make sure only qualified people can schedule your time, this is the solution for you!

How does it work?

You don't need to create a special booking page to create single-use links. Everything is created using the booking pages that you're already using. 

You can access the link from within your booking page settings, or from our YouCanBookMe extension for Chrome. Just select "Copy one-time link" and we'll automatically generate a unique link that expires after the first use. 🎉 

For your bookers, the experience is exactly the same. They click on the link to see your available times and quickly schedule the meeting with you. 

But if they try to use the link again, or if they try to pass the link to someone else to use after they have, they will only see a confirmation message. They won't be able to schedule with you again unless you invite them to with a new single-use link.

Who is it for?

Customer support teams who want to meet a customer just once

Coaches and mentors who need to qualify clients before they can book a time

Recruiters who only want candidates to select one interview slot

And many more! 




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