Being able to easily share an online booking link so your customers, colleagues, prospects, job candidates, students, etc can schedule time with you is one of the major benefits of online scheduling tools. It single-handedly reduces the back and forth of all the emails you have to send to find a time that works for everyone. 

Sure, there are lots of ways to display the free times in your calendar. But they aren’t all equal - especially when you consider privacy, and how much control you have over your availability.

Using an online scheduling tool gives a professional vibe, easily keeps a record of attendees, and lets you reach out to people who aren’t in the same office, state, or even country! 

And the wide variety of ways that you can share it means your customers can find you where it makes the most sense for your business.

What are the benefits of sharing an online booking link for scheduling meetings?

If meeting with clients, prospective customers, job candidates, students, or anyone else is a regular part of your job, projecting your brand in a consistent, professional way is key. 

Online scheduling tools allow you to create a booking experience that complements the rest of the customer journey, while at the same time giving you control over your availability, and making sure your team has time to focus on what they do best.  

Why share your availability with an online scheduling tool? 

  • Total control over availability 
  • Customize for your brand & tailor it to your customer journey
  • Lots of options around appointment types & lengths 
  • Schedule appointments for you and all your team members
  • Personalized, automated notifications & reminders
  • Friction-free cancel & reschedule options
  • Track booking data & integrate it with other tools you use
  • Embed and share booking links in multiple ways & locations 

The booking page you create can be a standalone page that you can share in multiple ways

  • Link to it in your email signature
  • Create a book me button on your website
  • Add it to your social media
  • Offer it as a QR code

Or it can be embedded seamlessly into a page on your website, where most people won’t know it is a separate page. 

Many online scheduling tools allow you to add colors, logos, team photos, and instructions. On some, you can list different types of appointments, or multiple team members, for the booker to choose from.

Appointment types example

 YCBM appointment types example

YCBM team selection example

YCBM team member selection example

It also lets you gather information about a booking, which helps you prepare ahead of time and create a more personalized experience for every booker. 

YCBM booking form example

YCBM booking form example

Why have a booking link?

Our State of Online Scheduling in 2022 research shows why people who use an online booking page love it.

  • It makes them look professional while promoting their brand seamlessly across devices
    • 60% of bookings are made on a mobile device
    • Half of the users say it has increased their bookings
  • It helps provide a better experience for people who use it
    • 65% of users say it has reduced no-shows
    • 50% say it makes it easier to engage with customers 
    • 47% say it creates a better overall customer experience.
  • It saves them time by automating all the tasks of making appointments without sacrificing the personal touch
    • 75% say online scheduling saves them 10 minutes or more per booking.
    • 45% have seen higher productivity, reduced costs, and streamlined operations.


Examples in action: our favorite ways to share your calendar

One of the best things about using an online scheduling tool is the flexibility you have for sharing your availability using your online booking links. 

You can use as many ways as you like that match your style and your appointments. Here are some of our favorite ways that companies we know embed and share their YouCanBookMe booking pages.


Pearl Lemon Leads is a UK-based sales and marketing team. YouCanBookMe is an integral part of their sales funnel. They customize their booking pages to reflect their personality, and prominently display Book Now buttons throughout their website, allowing prospects from around the world to schedule time any time of the day or night. 

How Pearl Lemon uses YCBM links to get more leadsPearl Lemon calendar link embedded in their website

Find out how Pearl Lemon grew their leads by 25% with YouCanBookMe


Dutch recruitment brand Tempo-Team embeds YouCanBookMe directly on their website as part of their intake funnel for prospective employees. This gives a seamless experience for bookers without leaving the page. 

Tempo team booking page

Tempo Team calendar link embedded in their thank you page

Find out how Tempo-Team and parent company Randstad saw a 115% lift after using YouCanBookMe

Higher Education

There are literally dozens of ways online scheduling can be used on campus. From advising to campus tours, financial aid, and office hours. And for as many different uses as there are, faculty and staff find interesting ways to share their calendar availability. 

At Illinois College, YouCanBookMe is embedded directly into their CMS so students don't have to leave their course page to book an appointment with a faculty member.

Illinois College embeds in Moodle-1

Illinois College embeds their YouCanBookMe calendar link in Moodle

Other institutions display the booking page’s QR code to give students an easy way to access their booking link on the go.

Find out how universities use YouCanBookMe to improve student success and retention


Marketing teams use YouCanBookMe to schedule interviews for case studies and podcasts. YouCanBookMe’s own Ben Dlugiewicz includes his interview booking link in an email and embedded it on our website and uses integrations to make it one part of a larger sign-up workflow. He uses the booking form to get information ahead of the interview and links to a form where candidates can upload images. 

Get More DoneGet More Done Podcast calendar link embedded in the YCBM site

Find out how Ben uses YouCanBookMe to populate and automate scheduling for our Get More Done podcast 


Bonlook is a Canadian eyewear retailer that uses YouCanBookMe as part of its innovative sales experience. They have multiple booking pages to cater to different types of appointments and different languages. 

Bonlook embeds YouCanBookMe directly into their website for a seamless on-page retail experience that customers can access 24/7. The benefit they’ve seen includes business insights that directly inform business planning, customer service, and marketing.

How Bonlook embeds YCBM links

Bonlook embeds YouCanBookMe directly into their website

Find out how Bonlook gets business insights from using YouCanBookMe 

Coaches & consultants

As a life coach for teen girls, Teen Wise’s Sheri Gazitt is a one-person band that has to juggle a lot of different jobs. YouCanBookMe helps her to keep on top of all the tasks that need to be done so she can focus on supporting and coaching her clients. 

Sheri has Book Now buttons on her website so her YouCanBookMe booking page is always accessible to prospective clients. This means visitors can reach out to her when their issue is top of mind, without having to wait.

She has another page embedded directly into her Kartra sales portal, so when customers check out, they can immediately schedule their 1-1 meeting with her.

She prepares for each meeting by gathering information ahead of time on the booking form, and she uses a password to protect some pages so only approved people can schedule.

Coach creates password protected pages with YouCanBookTeen Wise password-protected booking page  

YCBM booking form - Teen Wise example

Teen Wise booking form

Find out how YouCanBookMe helps the Teen Wise founder single-handedly accomplish all the jobs of running her business 

Life and career coach Inger Kenobi adds her YouCanBookMe page to social media. She uses a Linktree dropdown menu that takes prospective clients directly to her YCBM page.

How to embed a meeting link on Instragram-1

Customer Support & Success

Customer teams have multiple uses for an online scheduling tool: from one-off support calls with customers, to recurring customer success check-ins, and customer experience engagement.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that YouCanBookMe’s customer-facing employees have found LOTS of ways to use it. 

The Sales team displays the Book a Demo booking form after a quick questionnaire on the website

The Customer Success team shares booking page links directly with customers as part of their onboarding. This means pages can be tailored to each customer’s needs. 

YCBM customer onboarding

YCBM customer onboarding using appointment types

Find out how the YouCanBookMe team uses YouCanBookMe for customer-focused interactions 

However you work, attract, and communicate with customers, there’s a way to display your online booking page. Add it to a signature, social media, or your website. With YouCanBookMe, it’s your bookings your way! 

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