Team management, easier calendar searching, and email verification

What's new?

We know many of you have started using our new Team management functionality and we've had great feedback from you already. As more of you start to use Team management we wanted to highlight again some of the key things we've introduced:

We have lots planned to continue improving and making YouCanBookMe even better for teams so watch this space in 2021!

Aside from the above, we also added an interactive product tour to our website. It helps to further illustrate how YouCanBookMe works to help save you, your team, and your customers time.

december 2020

What's changed

Following the success of searching for team member calendars, we've also improved the filtering and calendar management of our non-team calendar selector too.

Finally, we've introduced an updated flow to verify the email address you send email notifications from. This ensures you're sending from a valid email address and helps protect your reputation by ensuring others can't use an email address they don't own.

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