How to use YCBM Zapier integration (+ 10 great ways to use it)

Multi-tasking is no longer the how-to-work flavor of the month. In fact, there’s plenty of advice out there that says multi-tasking just means you’re doing lots of things badly.

But that doesn’t change the fact that every one of us has jobs that have to be done ON TOP OF the job you actually do really well and get paid for. 

👏 A rock star sales team is awesome at finding and talking to customers, helping them discover a great solution, and closing the deal. 

😯 They may be less fantastic at finding a time to meet, remembering to update the sales pipeline, and assembling data to analyze team metrics.


💪 A-list recruiters are brilliant at finding prospective candidates, maintaining relationships with contacts across their career journey, and providing innovative solutions to their corporate clients.

😬 It’s possible they don’t wake up every day excited about updating their ATS, sending instructions to online applicants, and uploading CVs to their database.  


🙌 The most empathetic customer success manager, university advisor, or life coach excels when she is able to think about her students and clients, is fully prepared and present when they meet and is able to unlock critical thinking for their success.   

😖 Updating her CRM with meeting notes, organizing appointments, and notifying colleagues? Not so much.

So what’s the solution that allows you to get all the tasks done without distracting you from your day job? 

Automate your daily tasks as much as possible. 


What is Zapier?

Zapier is one of the most popular workflow automation tools. It’s made up of triggers and actions: when something happens on one tool (like getting a new booking in YouCanBookMe, for example), it automatically makes something happen in another (like adding the booker’s details to a sales tool like Hubspot). 

What is Zapier

What makes it truly amazing is that it does all the heavy lifting for you. You don’t need to understand coding or be in the least bit tech-savvy. It has a very simple interface that walks you through the process of connecting the tools that you work with and automating the jobs you need to get done.   

Pretty much any job you do that involves you taking information from one place and manually adding it to another is screaming out for Zapier.


Why use automation with online scheduling?

For a lot of different kinds of companies, their online scheduling tool is a primary intake point for much of the data they work with. It collects 

  • contact details for prospective customers 
  • details for existing clients 
  • information about candidates for interview
  • the team member who is booked
  • the type of meeting the client wants
  • the issues they want to discuss
  • if they rescheduled or canceled, and why
  • whether or not they attended
  • which booking page was used 
  • how long they booked for
  • what they paid
  • details of other participants 

And so much more! 

Since so much business-critical information comes in via online scheduling, it makes sense to use a Zapier integration, using new or updated bookings as a trigger for the multiple actions that need to be performed on the back of each one. You can automatically

  • Add contact details to your CRM 
  • Send a Slack message to colleagues
  • Update a contact’s status in your marketing automation tool
  • Add items to a to-do list
  • Trigger an email in your email marketing tool
  • Add information to your database
  • Create a new project in your project management tool 


How to connect Zapier and YouCanBookMe 

YouCanBookMe’s Zapier integration triggers more than 166K zaps every month for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. It’s easy to get started.

1. Log into your YouCanBookMe account settings and navigate to the integrations page

2. Scroll down to ‘Integrate with additional services. Click Connect next to the Zapier logo. 

Zapier integrations

3. If you are already logged into Zapier, it will auto-connect to your Zapier account. Otherwise, it will prompt you to login to your Zapier account.

4. You'll see a pop-up window with your Zapier API key and suggested Zaps with apps you are already using. 

5. Copy your Zapier API key to use within Zapier.

6. In your Zapier account, you can go to My Apps and connect to your YouCanBookMe account using this API key. 

View a walkthrough of the Zapier integration steps.

You’re all set up. Now let’s take a look at some of the magic you can create with YouCanBookMe’s Zapier integration!


What can YCBM + Zapier do for your team

Sales Teams

Recruitment Teams

Offering online scheduling for interviews is a better experience for candidates and a productivity boost for you! You can keep that boost going a bit further by automating how you add candidate details to your ATS. When an applicant schedules their interview, Zapier can update their status on Greenhouse.

When an applicant schedules an interview, how do you let the interviewing team know about it so they can prepare? Zapier can send an alert to the correct people in Slack for each new booking.

Getting through the interviews and offering the candidate a job isn’t the end of the job. It’s the beginning of a whole new one of onboarding and training. Zapier can update a new hire’s status in BambooHR or create cards in Trello as they schedule training sessions and meetings.

Customer Support & Success Teams

Customer success is all about making sure customers are engaged in the solution, updated on the latest developments with the tool, and actively using their account. Scheduling regular meetings with managed accounts easily supports all three goals. Keeping track of which customer is where in the process is harder. Zapier can automatically update a customer’s status in your CRM, or it can look for a conversation in your support tool and add a comment or note.

Different stages in the customer lifecycle require different types of communication. When a customer schedules time to discuss life cycle milestones, Zapier can add them to the correct ActiveCampaign automation.

Sometimes, a customer issue requires a little extra support. Using conditional logic, Zapier can create an alert in Slack if the customer selects a specific appointment type when they schedule their meeting. Alert a manager or higher tier support so they can attend the meeting. 

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