zapier integration

link to hundreds of other services via Zapier - requires paid plan

How does it work?

Once you install our Zapier add-on the system will give you a special key code for you to copy. This will allow you to create triggers and actions on the Zapier website. There's more information on our Zapbook page on their site.

Why Do You Need It?

Just take a look at the list of services that link to Zapier to get some ideas of how you can have your bookings trigger a huge range of automatic activities.

How to use this feature

Set Up

Here's a quick video that will help you get started by integrating with Zapier. We've also written a set-by-step for you to follow below the video.

To get started, go to the cog symbol, choose the 'add-ons' tab from the dropdown menu, then simply click 'install' on the add-on tab of your account dashboard. The system will give you a Zapier Key.

Copy this and head over to the Zapier website. When you create your first Zap with a YouCanBook.Me trigger or action, they will ask you for the key.

Make sure you keep the key secret. Anyone who has access to this key will be able to set up their own Zaps and consequently get access to your booking data. If you think that the wrong person has access to your key, click the button on your dashboard to reset it to a new value.

We currently support three triggers, and one action.

Trigger: New Booking

This trigger will fire each time someone makes a booking on the nominated profile.

As part of the trigger, our system will send through all the data we have about the booking. This includes all the information gathered on the booking form (as long as you have set short hand codes for each field).

Trigger: Updated (Cancelled) Booking

When you - or your customer - clicks on the link to cancel a booking through our system, this trigger will fire.

(Note that if you simply delete a booking from the underlying calendar, our system will record it as "cancelled" but this trigger will not fire.)

Trigger: Booking Rescheduled

This trigger fires when the person who made the booking has decided to change the time it will start.

The data included will be the same as the previous triggers.

Suggested Zaps

Once you are all set up, check out some of these ideas for possible integrations, or try any of the zaps below

Zapier makes it super easy to link your YouCanBook.Me account to many other online services.