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All the features you need to make scheduling meetings fast and easy.

Manage your availability

  • Flexible schedule and availability

    Complete control over when you want to schedule meetings. Set up a regular weekly schedule or customize for every week.

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  • Cancellations and rescheduling

    Both you and your customers can easily cancel and reschedule appointments online 24-hours a day.

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  • View your booking records

    View, cancel, reschedule and keep a record of every customer interaction.

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Total control over your bookings

  • Configurable booking form

    Complete control over your booking form questions. Get the information you need for every booking.

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  • Min / max advance booking notice

    Control your availability with settings to stop people booking last minute or too far in the future.

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  • Custom shorthand codes

    Personalize communications by using shorthand codes on your questions and outputing the answer in emails and messages.

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  • Set prices for your bookings

    Calculate prices based on a specific service or hourly rate.

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  • Captcha test

    Protect your booking form from pesky spam bots with a simple 'Captcha' test.

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Customize your branding and style

  • Upload logos and images

    Brand your booking page with your own logo and images. Personalize with team photos.

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  • Custom booking URL

    Your own personalized URL to share to take bookings - like '' or ''

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  • Works on all devices

    Our responsive booking page lets customers book you from anywhere with any device.

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  • Embed on your website

    Seamlessly embed your booking page directly on your website.

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Customizable notifications

  • Customize your calendar events

    When appointments are scheduled, the event we create in your calendar is completely customizable by you.

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  • SMS notifications

    Instantly notified of new bookings. Set-up SMS confirmations and reminders to significantly reduce no-shows.

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  • Email confirmations

    Customize the confirmation emails sent to customers once an appointment has been scheduled.

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Automate your scheduling

  • Auto-detect time zones and languages

    Everyone sees the right dates and times in a format and language that makes sense to them.

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  • Take payments for bookings

    With our Stripe integration, securely take credit card payments when bookings are made. (Additional fees apply)

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  • Custom fields to personalize your messages

    Add custom fields to emails and messages to personalize the experience for each customer.

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  • Integrate with your Google, iCloud and Microsoft calendars

    Integrate with your chosen calendar to display your availability on your bookings page.

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  • Social sharing of your booking page

    Easily share your booking page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

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  • Use your iCloud calendar with

    Integrate with your iCloud account and take bookings straight into your iCloud calendar.

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  • Send notification emails via Gmail

    Improve delivery rates and increase visibility of booking notifications by sending via your Gmail account.

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