Booking page templates

You’ve planned it, shaped it, coaxed it into being: the perfect booking page! 

Marvel at the colors & branding! 👀

Be amazed by the meeting options! 💪

Delight in the perfectly personalized notifications! 👏

Now ... do it all over again for your colleagues 😖

Creating the perfect YouCanBookMe booking page is a pleasure. You have so many options to make the experience just right for your clients and prospects.

So we totally see why you’d want to spend some time crafting booking pages that offer just what your team and your customers need. 

But we also understand why you don’t want to spend that time EVERY TIME! 

Introducing our new templating option. 

Now all your hard work is saved, filed, and available for use by any of your colleagues. 

You’ll find the Templates Dashboard option at the top of your account page, in the green banner. There, you’ll see all your previously created templates and you can create new ones.11—TemplatesDo you manage a YouCanBookMe account for teams from different departments, like Sales, Customer Success and UX?

No problem! Account Owners and Administrators can create a template for each department. When you invite a new colleague, the template is all set and ready for them to use, making it easier to onboard them to the YouCanBookMe team.

Create different booking pages for every job you do and make them into templates so you can easily spin up new pages whenever you need them.

Booking page templating means faster page creation and easier team onboarding

So take the time to create your perfect pages. With our new templating feature, they will be a gift that keeps on giving.

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