Create Zoom meetings! new theme is better on mobile

We are so excited to announce our new Zoom integration.

It allows you to create Zoom meetings that have a unique link for every booking you have.

Each link is automatically added to your notification emails, SMS, and calendar events. 

With every customer having a different link, you no longer need to worry about other people accidentally joining someone else’s call.

Fully password protected and accommodating all the Zoom settings you have in place, this new feature takes away yet another step that you used to do when scheduling your meetings. 

Integrate Zoom with my account now!

A brand new booking experience

If that weren’t enough, we also introduced a new booking page this year, for a better customer experience.

We’ve completely redesigned and streamlined the booking page layout to include an updated and much-improved experience on mobile. 

Booking pages on this new theme have:

  • Improved performance
  • Better accessibility
  • Completely redesigned mobile view

All of which has led to a 20% increase in bookings on the new experience compared with the pages on the old designs.

We've added color swatches and the option to add a footer to your booking page.

And we’ve designed the page to hide unavailable rows by default.

That means available times are always front and center so your customers can book you faster.

We've also made embedding improvements for this new page layout, making your booking page more flexible and responsive when embedded in your website.

Complete control over your schedule gives you complete control over your schedule

Inside the settings, we’ve revamped the way you set your availability in the Times & availability section.

Now, it's clearer for you to choose if you have a repeating schedule or something that changes week by week.

If it's the latter, we've added step-by-step instructions to get you started with Custom Availability — one of our most popular and powerful features. 

You may have noticed brand new icons throughout the app.

They're more consistent, completely custom and we think you'll love them.

They sport thicker lines and a darker color.

This improves the icon contrast and makes navigating our settings menu more accessible.

We've also been hard at work making sure we meet Stripe SCA requirements.

And, by popular request, we've added the ability to edit email and phone numbers on the booking details page.

This means that if your bookers make a typo, or need to update their contact details, you can ensure all future notifications are sent to the correct person and that your booking records hold the correct information!

Getting you up and running faster

If you're a new or future user of YouCanBookMe, you'll experience our new onboarding flow after signing up.

Improvements include a shortened account details form, meaning you get to the app quicker.

We added a to-do list to the dashboard so you get an idea of how things work.

And, to fast-track you to becoming a scheduling pro, we redesigned the settings walkthrough to show you the basics!

Keeping you in the loop status page

Finally, for 2019, we’ve added a status page to the site.

We are proud of our 99%+ uptime but if there are any problems, a status bar will follow you around YouCanBookMe, making sure you're aware of the issue and what we’re doing to get it fixed as soon as possible. 

You can always see the latest status of all our services by visiting

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