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If you’re a YouCanBookMe user, you know how much time it saves you. It eliminates all the bitty jobs around scheduling meetings: the emails, the phone calls, the reminding, the following up. On average that’s between 5 and 10 minutes saved for every booking. 

But scheduling meetings is just one part of your work day. You might also need to:

  • add new bookers to your sales database 
  • use booking data to track the success of your marketing campaign
  • send a welcome pack to everyone who has booked
  • update your CRM to show someone has booked
  • update colleagues if a booker is a no-show
  • inform someone who isn’t on your team about a booking

And a million other tasks that aren’t technically your “job”, but need to be done so you can do the work you do best. 

They take up time, they distract you from customers, and they’re prone to human error. So what’s the solution? 


YouCanBook.me offers a trio of options for automating your work by integrating with other software solutions. 

Zapier is a no-code solution for building workflows from YouCanBookMe to hundreds of other software platforms. 

Using our API allows experienced programmers to create more bespoke systems.

Webhooks are the Goldilocks solution: not so simple that you can’t create a customized process, but not too difficult that you need to bring in a developer. They’re just right. 

Over the years, we’ve heard from customers who are using webhooks to create more effective work processes, develop metric-filled dashboards, conduct detailed A/B testing, and gather critical business intelligence. 

And today we’re announcing an update to our webhooks that will expand the number of products that you can integrate your YouCanBook.me account with. 

We’re introducing webhook headers, which means you’ll be able to send an authorization for your booking data to be delivered to products that require it.  

Take a step back from the day to day tasks and take a look at your work process from beginning to end. We’re sure there will be dozens of points along the way that don’t require a human decision. 

Those are the things that you can - and should - automate. Using webhooks means you get a faster, more efficient process without sacrificing your personal touch. 

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