How a coach gets more done and cuts chaos with appointments

Are you doing the work you love? Inger Kenobi has a knack for helping people to figure out their ‘why’, and guiding them to a place where their work gives them energy and life balance.

Sounds amazing, right?

Inger has a varied background. She’s lived in Norway, the US, and the United Kingdom. She’s worked in international administration and lived for ten years in a Tibetan Buddhist Center.  

As Inger freely admits, she doesn’t fit into any neat and tidy boxes. And she knows that most people don’t! Her passion is helping other people follow their intuition to create a work-life that they love - even if it feels like a non-traditional path.


Inger Kenobi’s business is as multifaceted as its namesake. She offers life & career coaching, website copywriting, and intentional home design. She uses YouCanBookMe to ensure she’s working seamlessly between all those very different themes.

“In the beginning, there was a lot of back and forth. That's fine when you're starting out and you have maybe just one client. But when I got some more, it was just time-consuming and boring. And it felt so unprofessional.

When someone recommended YouCanBookMe, Inger immediately saw the benefit. “It was so easy!’, she says. “And it automatically converts the time zone, which had been such a hassle before. 

“If someone wants to meet at lunchtime, is that my lunchtime in London, or their lunchtime in Sydney? 

“YouCanBookMe just took all that guesswork and back and forth out of the equation. Send a link, and they book a session, and that’s it. Love it!”

Saving more than time

In the first few months of using YCBM, Inger could see the time-saving impact of implementing scheduling software for her coaching business.

“First, there’s the actual time. I would say, getting rid of the back and forth, back and forth, it’s at least 10-15 minutes saved per person.”

But Inger sees it as so much more. 

“Then it’s also the time you can’t really measure. It’s all the energy of wondering, did I send the message? Did we say 11? Was it their 11? Was it my 11?

The mental work saved is even more than the time saved. I love that it brought clarity, as well as saving time.” 

Being thoughtful about work, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, is a big part of Inger’s message to her clients. She says YouCanBookMe helps her to walk the walk.

“It helped to create boundaries for me. You have to add in when you’re available. I thought, ‘Well that’s interesting. When do I want to be available?’

“And so I was able to say, I don't want to see clients on Mondays and Fridays. I need two days as bookends on the week, to catch up with other work, plan future programmes, or write, or to take a day off!

“I had to bring that intention and clarity to my planning, and that helped me create a better work schedule. So YCBM has a ripple effect that is way more than just avoiding the email back and forth.”

The power of 5: bringing balance and clarity 

As she explored YouCanBookMe’s functionality, Inger discovered five features that have helped to keep her balanced and intentional.

Minimum notice period

“I set it so no one can make a booking straight away. There is always a 24 or 48-hour gap between when they find you and when we will meet. So I always have plenty of notice for when meetings will happen and I’m not taken by surprise.”

Time zone management

“I have clients around the world, in the US, Europe, and Australia. Trying to keep track of what time it is for each one when we met was really stressful. YouCanBookMe handles everything. It brings clarity and calmness to my work day.” 

Customizable Booking Form

“I love the flexibility of YouCanBookMe because you really can design it for your own needs. 

“On the booking form, you can ask any kind of questions you want. I have a dropdown menu, asking which kind of session they’re booking. That lets me know in advance what we’ll be meeting about so I can prepare.

How a coach uses scheduling tool booking form

“I have five different appointment options. The form makes it really clear and easy. Why wouldn’t you want to make it easy for clients?!”


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Embedding and sharing options

Inger links to her booking page directly from her website so customers can schedule a free session as they’re thinking of it. 

how a coach embeds and shares her calendar

She also shares it on social media. “On my Instagram, I have a Linktree dropdown menu and that goes straight to the booking page.”

How to embed a meeting link on Instragram

Automating the low-value tasks

“I really, really like how much automation there is. I think the automated email that goes out to confirm bookings also brings peace and clarity to the client. They get to see if everything is as they expected, and if they need to rebook it, they just click. 

“And it sends out the Zoom link so I don't have to send out separate emails all the time. I love that!”

Appointment software helps small businesses deliver outstanding customer experiences

It’s pretty clear how Inger feels about the impact YouCanBookMe has made on her work-life balance.

But how do her clients feel?

“They love it,” says Inger. “I have clients who are also coaches or they also schedule a lot of appointments. After using my YouCanBookMe, some have started using it too, because they see how easy it is. 

“What I often see with clients who are starting out is that they’re terrified that the more successful they become, the busier they will become, and they won't have a life anymore. 

“I tell them, you set your own schedule. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 clients or five, YouCanBookMe accommodates that because you can only fill it up to the slots that you have allocated. 

“If you have the right tools, then you can grow without feeling drained and awful inside. Your evenings and weekends don’t have to go out the window.”

Inger says she wouldn’t use YCBM if it was just easy for her. 

“The thing I would emphasize the most is that clients love it because it gives them great peace of mind, and they can easily reschedule if they need to. They have the confirmation, they have the Zoom link, and they’re all set. It shouldn't just work for me. It should also work for everyone I'm working with.” 


What is the best appointment software for small businesses?

YouCanBookMe is the best appointment software for small businesses. It’s a low-cost way to manage your entire scheduling workflow. And YCBM has the flexibility and customization you need to give your customers the experience they expect when they work with you.

Why should you get appointment scheduling software?

Appointment scheduling software can improve your entire business workflow. It’s like an extremely affordable 24/7 virtual assistant. YouCanBookMe can schedule the meeting, send out reminders, reschedule appointments, and send personalized notifications. It can even update your database. All is 100% automated.

Can I schedule clients with appointment software?

Appointment software for small businesses gives you the freedom to focus on the work you do best while the scheduling process is completely automated. It shares your availability 24/7 so clients can schedule meetings in their own time when they’re thinking about your service. YouCanBookMe automates all the tasks associated with scheduling so you save time.

What are the most important features of appointment software for small businesses?

First and foremost, the best appointment software for small businesses is easy to use and set up. It has:

  • Flexibility around setting your availability: when you want to take meetings, and when you don’t.
  • Meeting options: different types, lengths, prices 
  • Unlimited, customizable notifications and reminders 
  • Automatic unique video call links 
  • Payment at the time of the booking
  • Lots of customization options to give your clients the experience they expect from your business
  • Options for syncing with the other tools you use

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