Every industry and marketplace stands to benefit from using online booking systems and, as studies have indicated, will only continue to in the future. But what exactly is an online scheduling tool and what can it do for you? Read on to learn more about this upward trend and how you can reap its many rewards.

1. It's vital to attracting (and keeping) a younger client base.

Studies show that Generation Z wants nothing to do with your call center. At their Innovation showcase this past Spring, American Express revealed their latest research about how future generations will come to shape the way we do business.

About 49% of the Millennials studied said they don’t mind speaking to customer service over the phone while only 39% of Gen Z participants claimed this was their preferred communication method. The study concluded that the vast majority of the younger generation participants would prefer to handle their tasks online than in person or on the phone.

Cutting edge businesses that recognize this opportunity for connecting with younger audiences have already adopted web-based solutions like customer service chat programs and, of course, online appointment booking.

2. Increase the perceived value of your product or service.

Extensive research into best marketing practices across all industries has shown that customers will choose saving time over money in almost any given scenario. In fact, this same study shows that customers are willing to spend even more money if they perceive they can save additional time.

This is true even despite the fact that the cheaper option was actually the fastest. And here’s the kicker - they were happy to do it!

What does this mean for you and your business? Valuing your customer’s time will maximize their financial (and emotional) investment into your product or service. By offering them a simple and sleek solution for booking appointments, scheduling meetings, and a plethora of other important yet often time-consuming tasks, they’ll be happier and more likely to form a bond with your company.

3. Decrease opportunity costs.

Missed appointments wreak havoc on revenue and employee productivity. Following up with clients is crucial to preventing this issue but, unfortunately, this task takes up a lot of time. Even worse, following up usually falls to the wayside as other seemingly more pressing issues pop up daily. The best solution for any repetitive but essential task is automation.

Online scheduling tools offer a simple yet powerful interface for increasing customer retention and decreasing those pesky missed appointments. With a virtual booking system, your clients will simply enter their contact information when they schedule the appointment and the system will follow up for you.

Automating your follow ups is also a great way to scale your business quickly without needing to hire new employees.

4. Increases the quality of customer service your employees can provide.

High call volume puts a huge strain on your administrative staff. This stress, on top of a slew of other important tasks they’re required to attend to, results in a lower quality of customer service, even for the best assistants.

And this issue isn’t something to take lightly. As a recent study from NewVoiceMedia concludes, in U.S. markets, poor customer service costs businesses a whopping $62 billion each year.

Giving online scheduling tools a try may just save you billions (or even just thousands) this year. It’s a simple and efficient solution to any customer service issue. Providing autonomy to your clients makes them happier (as we discussed earlier) and allows your administrators to focus on providing the best possible customer service, so they’re happier too.

Further simplify the process by choosing an online scheduling tool that will integrate with the virtual calendar your team already uses, like Google or iCloud.

5. The use of online scheduling tools by major businesses is skyrocketing.

Probably the most compelling argument for adopting an online scheduling tool is the recent findings of a study by Accenture. According to their analysis, digital self-scheduling is so revolutionary for the healthcare industry that they expect 64% of all U.S. patients to book appointments digitally by, get this, 2019.

Even more intriguing is their prediction that these online scheduling tools will deliver an upwards of $3.2 billion in value and, as early adopters, give their companies a competitive edge over other healthcare facilities.

And it’s not just health care - more and more industries are recognizing how powerful online scheduling tools can be for achieving their goals. From tech recruiters to remote workers to small business owners, online scheduling tools are helping them achieve their vision for their company.

Online scheduling tools offer businesses the power to transform their goals like never before. If you’re interested in learning more about adopting this type of program, check out our helpful article about the top 10 things to think about when choosing an online scheduling tool.

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