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Building on our Appointment Types feature, you’ll now be able to offer clients the option for add-on services when they set up a meeting on your booking page. That way, you can add costs to incoming booking without the need to add more time. 

A refresher on Appointment Types

If you have different types of appointments to offer, different length appointments, or different prices for different services, you can display them clearly on your booking page with our Appointment Types feature.

How to set up appointment types in YouCanBookMe: 

  1. Go to “Edit Settings” and under the Times & Availability section select Appointment Types. Toggle the switch to “On” to activate the feature. 
  2. Click on the pencil to edit the name, duration, cost (if relevant), and description.
  3. Continue this process to add as many appointment types as needed. Remember: this is what your clients will see on your booking page so write clearly and concisely.

You can walk through the in-depth Appointment Types guide here for more information.

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Using 0-length appointment types to offer add-on services

To create your 0-length appointment types (your add-on services), follow the same steps we just outlined, but exclude the duration portion or set it to “0”.

What are some common use cases for 0-length appointment types? 

Think about the breadth of services you can offer clients that you’d charge extra for, whether it’s during your meeting or outside of it. This could include examples like:

  • A leadership coach putting together a 30-60-90 day career plan after an introductory call with a new client.
  • A dietician providing clients with a meal plan. 
  • A lawyer providing services for reviewing, editing, or writing business policies for a new small business owner.
  • An accountant providing monthly bookkeeping services on top of quarterly reviews.
  • Offering people catering during their appointment (why not, right?!) 


0 length appointments example


What add-ons come to mind for your own business? Put them into your YouCanBookMe booking link. And save yourself some time by setting up payments on your account to give your customers the choice of paying by credit card, debit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay when they book time with you.

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