Parent/Teacher conferences

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How does it work?

Use YouCanBook.Me to allow parents to make individual bookings using an online sign up sheet to see them for a meeting. You can collect information about the child, the issues to be discussed, and any other details (our booking pages are all secure).

Why Do You Need It?

A fully automated sign-up system for Parent/Teacher organisations ensures there are no mistakes about who needs to be where and when. Parents don't have to be at school to sign up - they can go online and book from home. Parents and Teachers both receive a confirmation email with all the correct details.

How to use this feature

You can use the Teams feature or separate schedules for each teacher. With an Education Account, you have unlimited access to both. (To create separate schedules, go to your Dashboard, the select copy).

In either case, you can create a Google calendar for each teacher, or you can link to each teacher's existing Google calendar. YCBM will check to make sure he or she is available before bookings are made. The teacher will see the new bookings in the Google calendar, and can receive email notifications for each booking.

When parents go to the schedule, they will see a list of teachers to choose from. When they select the teacher they need to meet with, they will link directly to the availability for just that teacher.

Automate your bookings for Parent/Teacher conferences - get rid of the paper sign up sheet and allow parents to sign up at a time that is convenient for them.