Parent / Teacher conferences

Schedule Parent / Teacher events with ease by losing the paper sign up sheet and automating the process with We can handle all of your teachers and the many parents that need to meet with them.

Simplify your Parent / Teacher events with an easy scheduling system

Parents can book from home

A fully automated sign-up system for Parent/Teacher organisations ensures there are no mistakes about who needs to be where and when. Parents and Teachers both receive a confirmation email with all the correct details.

Parents can organise everything from home and recive email confirmations

Parents can cancel or reschedule without contacting you

By using the cancel or reschedule links in your confirmation emails, parents can change their appointment time without needing to contact you. You'll both be notified of any changes to the booking, and your teacher's calendar will be automatically updated.

Parents can move their appointments without needing to contact you

Collect secure information about the booking

You can collect information about the child, the issues to be discussed, and any other details (our booking pages are all secure). Helping your meeting run as smoothly as your schedule.

Gather all the information you need up front by customizing the booking form

Custom booking URL

Send out a custom URL that links to a single teacher or group of teachers. Parents simply choose which teacher they would like to see and when they would like to see them. You can also use a custom URL if a parent needs to see more than one teacher. When they book in with someone else, they won't have to re-enter their details.

Custom URLs simplify the booking process

Use shorthand codes to personalise interactions with parents

By using shorthand codes, you can make sure that messages sent to parents are specific to them.

Customize your communications to personalise your interactions

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