need more than 30 teams and services on one profile?

Support for larger organisations or more choices - requires business plan

How does it work?

At Premium level you are limited to displaying 5 team members and 10 services per profile. Professional account holders can have up to 10 team members and 30 services. If you need more than this, you can upgrade to a Business Account.

Why Do You Need It?

Perhaps you have a larger group of people to manage, or - if you are using the teams feature to manage resources - perhaps you have more than 30 of these for people to book. Or maybe you just need to offer a longer list of Services.

How to use this feature

Upgrading to our Business account unlocks access to an unlimited number of Team members (for both people and resources), Services, and Profiles.

This is available to all users who want to upgrade.

Please note, if you want to use the Business account to upgrade up to 30 different YCBM accounts and display them all in a dashboard view, you will need an organization-specific domain name that all the accounts are created with. (it's not possible to do this with accounts that are,,, for example).

For when your team is bigger than ten people, or you need to offer a choice of more than 30 services.