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Let customers book their visit to your shop — keeping them safe, saving them time, and reducing waiting times for everyone.

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Follow government rules, reduce queues, and let customers know you take their safety seriously.

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Manage how many people are in your shop at one time, increasing efficiency and respecting social distancing.

Reduce waiting times

Let customers secure a time instead of joining queues or waiting till it’s safe to enter your shop.

Offer different services

Offer different services to customers, so they can choose what they need, and you can prepare for their visit.

Maintain balance

Manage your capacity to allow for scheduled bookings and walk-ins.

Seamless booking experience

Allow customers to book directly from your website.

I just figured out what people are coming in for and made categories – test riding a bike, buying a part, getting a service estimate. I also added a question on the booking form asking "what do you need" so that way I have an idea of what the person is coming in for and I can be ready to make the transaction faster. It's helped a lot to streamline the process and also to just stagger customers coming in the shop.
David, Tip Top Bike Shop

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