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Google meet now available!

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What's new?

You can now host virtual meetings using Google Meet!

With Google Meet chosen as the event location, we'll automatically create a unique link for you and your customer to meet virtually.

All you need is to be creating events on a Google calendar and have Google Meet chosen as the event location.

You can also create unique links for team member bookings if all team members use a Google calendar.

Find out more about generating unique Google Meet links for bookings

What's changed?

One change this month is to participants' status on calendar event invitations. Bookers were being listed as "optional" on calendar event invitations which occasionally caused confusion. We've now updated this so bookers don't show as "optional".

We also upgraded our protection against bots by rolling out the latest version of Google captcha. This means you can be confident that new bookings or changes to existing ones are made by real people!

Improved communication and enhanced security of booking notifications

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What's new?

We've improved how we communicate with you via email about what's happening on your account.

If there are any warnings on your account, we'll bundle the information together and send it in one email.

This means we can keep you more up-to-date about your account, without ever spamming your inbox!

What's changed?

From July 1st, all emails used to send booking notifications must be verified. This security measure will prevent anyone from sending notifications from email addresses they don't own.

For accounts created before November 18th, 2020, they'll see prompts to verify their emails right now. This means there's the opportunity to verify before the switch on July 1st.

Find out more about verifying your sending email address

You may also notice a prompt to switch to the new booking experience if not all your booking pages are using it already.

Over the next few months, we'll be switching all accounts over to this new experience.

Find out more about what's changing and how to make the switch

Editor role and extra account security

Teams Notifications

What's new?

The Editor role is now ready for you to use!

After someone's joined a Team, they can be assigned the Editor Role and given access to select booking pages. This means you can have your whole organization on one account and have full control over who can access what.

Find out more about Team Management and account roles.

Another important change was the release of two factor authentication, meaning you can add an extra layer of protection to your account. Once set up, you'll log in normally and then be prompted for a security code generated by your authentication app.

Find out how to enable two factor authentication.

What's changed?

All our emails now use unified styles. Their updated styling means they're more legible, look great, and all communication from us to you, or you to your bookers look consistent across the board.

What's fixed?

Some account warnings had a missing icon for a short time but we swiftly managed to get it back to showing the correct icon.

Uninterrupted booking form for customers and improved communication about your account

Booking page Bookings Teams

To give you more options when scheduling for your organization, we've been working to get everything in place to release our new Editor role soon! We have lots going on under the radar in preparation so in the meantime, here are some other exciting updates.

What's new?

You may have noticed that customers no longer need to complete the CAPTCHA test to schedule meetings. We've updated to reCAPTCHA v3. This means your customers aren't interrupted on the booking form, but your booking page is still protected from bots.

What's changed?

  • If you have an online booking page that's taking bookings but loses connection to its linked calendar, we'll now let you know via email so you can quickly get things up and running again.
  • Bookings exports now include a folder column to give you more ways to slice and dice your bookings data. This column will show the name of the folder that the booking page is in. If you're not using folders yet, they're great for keeping your dashboard organized.

What's fixed?

Invited team members were hitting a bug if their invite was removed before they had a chance to accept it. Now, we let them know what's happened, and what to do next.

WCAG 2.0 AA, API, and SMS replies

Booking page Teams Warnings

First off, we want to share that our latest accessibility improvements mean our booking pages are now WCAG 2.0 AA compliant!

It means that our booking pages are accessible to a wider range of people. To read about our commitment to accessibility, and what assistive technologies and browsers we support, you can visit our Accessibility Statement.

What's new?

We've added the option for you to generate your own API key from your account settings. Customers previously had to access their key via our Support team so we know that, for those using our API, this will save time.

Head over to our API Knowledge Base article to find out more about accessing and using our API.

What's changed?

  • Replies to SMS notifications are now sent to the appropriate team member rather than the account owner. This will prevent account owners from having to forward these SMS replies to their team and save them time.
  • We've updated some of our warnings to be clearer and proactively tell you about things happening on your account.
  • There's also improved messaging for trial users to let them know what's included, and what happens when the trial ends.

Squashing bugs and improvements for teams

Teams Settings Warnings

Each year we use January as an opportunity to squash some bugs. It means we can focus our energy on fixing anything outstanding and then switch the focus to new features and improvements. We also made some updates to Team management & centralized billing.

What's changed?

Notable Team management changes include:

  • Updating the team member Zoom dropdown to be the same as the calendar dropdown. It's now easier to search for and connect Team members with their Zoom integration.
  • Making sure team members can cancel bookings using {OWNER-CANCEL} and {OWNER-CANCEL-LINK} shorthand codes. Before this fix, team members couldn't cancel bookings using these links.

What's fixed?

As mentioned, there was a lot of bug fixes this month, including:

  • Making sure any errors cleared after updating break times. Before, the errors kept showing until after a page refresh, making it a little confusing.
  • Improving how we handle long calendar names in the list of available calendars. Previously, long names didn't show in the list!
  • Making sure the {PRICE} shorthand code shows in calendar events and confirmation emails.
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