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  • 6 Smart Ways to Make Social Media Marketing Work for your Small Business

    Social Media Marketing tips for small businesses that you can try right now to make the most of being social

  • YouCanBook.me launches an integration with Apple Calendars

    Take customer bookings direct into your Apple Calendar

  • Sharing the journey is more fun by far

    ConversionAid’s Omer Khan interviews YCBM’s Co-founder and CEO, Bridget Harris

  • Total Recall: A Gmail Innovation We'll All Want

    Gmail's latest innovation will help us all out of email-nightmare scenarios

  • Does Working Remotely Affect Productivity?

    Do people really work hard at home? Small and large businesses are slowly accepting that personal lives and customer needs mean Dolly's dreaded 9-5 is over.

  • 5 Smart Tools We Love - And You Will Too

    One way to make your small business punch above its weight is by using brilliant online tools to help boost productivity and take some of the elbow-grease out of the day to day stuff. Here are five of the best that help us out all the time.

  • Managing bookings in different timezones

    We have a lot of jet-setting YouCanBook.me users who travel with work - and one of the questions we've been asked the most centers around this scenario:

    'If I am off to a conference in a different timezone. I'm leaving next month but I want to start taking bookings now for my time during that conference. So how do I manage my bookings in another timezone?'

    We're going to show you two ways you can tackle that in YouCanBook.me

  • YouCanBook.me launches a new help section

    There is nothing quite like the frustration of being presented with a shiny new tool that promises to save you time, increase your productivity and make you an extremely efficient human being...and then spending the next two hours trying to figure out how on earth you use it. We don't want that to be the experience of our users. We want to make our users feel awesome!

  • The Joy of SmallPrint - Humanize Your Content for Clearer Communication

    In the constant quest to find engaging content online, the battle to make even the most boring of topics interesting is on. So we've been tackling the dullest of the dull website content: the legal Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

  • Product Support that Makes Users Feel Awesome

    YCBM has been built on the cornerstone of excellent customer service. Right from the very beginning, we wanted to help our users out wherever we could. So we have always put a huge emphasis on great customer service, and it's something that we're very proud of. We've kept the same attitude as we've grown... And grown.

  • Productivity wins for your Sales Teams

    Barry and Alana Ross of Ross & Ross International have spent the last the twenty years helping companies around the world increase their sales productivity using the latest technology. Based in San Francisco, they specialize in introducing businesses to new tech solutions that will help grow their sales productivity. Fascinated by their long careers focusing on productivity tools, we caught up with them to ask about how productivity tools are evolving.

  • More value to our paying users

    You may have noticed that we've recently changed a lot about the way our product works to make things easier to set up and navigate our our tool.

    It's also time to review our pricing model - what we give away for free, and what we ask users to pay for.

    Check out our new pricing comparison table to see what each plan now includes.

  • Put down those cakes and eat an apple instead; the new dashboard is finally here!

    Here at Casa YouCanBook.me, we are dedicated to our mission of eliminating scheduling headaches.

    So for us, the worst thing in the world is when a user tells us they can't figure out how to use our very own tool, when we've promised them liberation from time-wasting activities.

    We've replaced their scheduling headache with a user-experience headache.

    With this problem in mind, we've been working hard behind the scenes for the last couple of months; reviewing, testing and redesigning the navigation for logged-in users.

  • How to use YCBM to cure your expensive scheduling headaches.

    Everyone has scheduling headaches from time to time.

    Whether it is getting embroiled in a long and thankless email exchange, or booking something at a time that was JUST RIGHT when you made the appointment, but turns out to be COMPLETELY the wrong time just a few days later. It's annoying.

    If you are a small businesses though - scheduling headaches can be a major problem - losing you time, and crucially, money.

  • SMS Price Cut

    Last year we made a switch to using the very fabulous Twilio service for our SMS delivery. Besides seeing a big improvement in the proportion of messages we are getting through for you, their flexible system has given us a chance to be a bit cleverer about how we calculate the charges.

  • How Zapier will change your world

    Technology, at its best, changes the way we live by making complicated processes simple. It saves us time and makes us more efficient.

    When you use YouCanBook.me to manage your online bookings, you are saving loads of time on back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

    But now there's a way to supercharge that time-saving!

    Using our new Zapier integration will make you even more efficient. We're going to explain how.

  • YouCanBook.me launches Zapier Integration

    This week sees us officially launch our integration with Zapier - allowing you to link lots of other online services directly to your YCBM account!

  • Five Easy Productivity Wins

    Forget the crash diet plans and the crazy exercise regimes; this January make some productivity resolutions and start your New Year with an organised bang.

    Here are our tips for an organised, calm January - and beyond!

  • Seven superhero tips to get your inbox under control

    Is your email inbox jam-packed?

    Clearing up an inbox is one of those tasks that is easy to put off. There is always something more interesting than wading through hundreds of emails in order to dig out the seven of them that actually matter.

    Inbox zero might be an elusive myth - we've never quite managed it - but to help you achieve emailZen, we've put together an action plan that will help transform you into an email superhero and keep your inbox under control.

  • Top Tips for a Smooth Holiday Season

    The presents are bought - maybe even wrapped!

    The decorations are up and you are looking forward to a relaxing few days with family and friends over the holidays.

    Ping! An email from YouCanBook.me...

  • A deal for Doodle BookMe users

    In the summer, Doodle announced that its appointment booking service BookMe would be coming to an end.

  • Customer surveys, and the true value of an iPadAir

    Here's a very 21st century example of selflessness:

    The act of purchasing something from the Apple store for someone other than yourself.

    We did just that a month or so ago. We bought an iPad Air for Bob.

    We can't pretend it was easy to do. The iPad Air is the fanciest, lightest, scrummiest looking iPad there is, and we all wanted one very much.

  • Life in a tech start up: trials and triumphs

    We are ending what has been a huge week here at YCBM HQ with mixed results - some triumphs, but also some very painful moments for our users and the team. In the same week we hosted an international tech conference - attended by engineers from Google, Apple, Oracle, Mozilla and many others - we also suffered a severe and unusual disruption to our otherwise ‘clean machine’ service. Bridget Harris, our CEO, writes here about what was certainly a very interesting time for us as a company.

  • YouCanBook.me hosts CalConnect XXXI

    Some very exciting things are happening at YCBM HQ. On Monday, top software developers from companies including Google, Apple, Mozilla and Oracle come to Bedford for the annual European meet up of CalConnect, the not-for-profit consortium of companies working on online calendaring and scheduling applications.

  • Friday fizz and bicycle art: a combination worth celebrating

    On a hot Friday afternoon in July we held a party at YCBM HQ. The party was in honour of the fact that in the spirit of corporate anarchy we’d commissioned a local artist to paint a mural on one of our sloping walls.

  • When Bridget met Brian - and how conversion rate optimization is the future for us all

    This is a story that begins in a country on the edge of Europe, where the sun only sets for a few hours at a time. It’s a story about me, Bridget (CEO of YouCanBookMe) and this guy - Brian.

  • The new Gmail add-on that will cut your no-show rate

    We've found a better way of getting your notification emails delivered to your clients' email folder. Hurrah!

  • Payments made clearer

    As a busy international company, we deal with online payments from all over the world on a daily basis. Until recently, our pricing page displayed our product charges in dollars or pounds sterling, and that is what you were charged in. Which is great if you are using one of those currencies anyway, but less great if you're not. So as part of our ongoing efforts to make every part of our service easier to use, we have revolutionised the way we display payments.

  • Pedalling Ahead

    Here at YouCanBook.Me, we love cycling. Almost everyone who works here cycles into work every day, and cycling is a big part of who we are. The benefits of cycling to work are huge - as a team who sit in front of computers all day long, it's a great way for us to get some exercise in.

  • How YouCanBook.me is helping solopreneurs succeed

    We asked multi-tasking champion Cristina Roman a few questions about how she uses YouCanBook.me in her work as a digital marketing strategist and manager of online community One Woman Shop, and about the tricky question of balancing...

  • New Year - new look. Easy peasy...

    There is nothing quite like the frustration of being presented with a shiny new tool that promises to save you time, increase your productivity and make you an extremely efficient human being...and then spending the next two hours trying to figure out how on earth you use it. We don't want that to be the experience of our users. We want to make our users feel awesome!

  • Hero Feature: Shorthand Codes

    Here at YouCanBook.me, we’re extremely proud of all the features and the flexibility we offer our users. They allow all of us to be individuals.

  • Spring Update 2013

    As anyone supplying a software service knows (especially to other small businesses) the demand for features and improvements always exceeds capacity to supply.

    We've found over the years scheduling is a fascinating window in each user's individual needs and requirements.

  • Getting it Right (to Left)

    If the people who book you through our system speak Arabic or Hebrew, we've some good news. While we've had limited support for these languages for a while now, there's one important thing that might have confused your users.

  • Linking Languages

    You've probably already spotted that YouCanBook.Me works really well with different parts of the world. Our community have helped translate the booking process into 24 major languages. We can also quote dates and times in 150 different ways, depending on your user's language, country and preferences (including support for ancient lunar calendar systems!).


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