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We welcome guest posts on the themes and issues that our customers care about. Naturally, we want to make sure that all the content on our site adds value and is consistent with how we work so please read the following guidelines before you submit your article.


Our readers come from almost every industry, live all over the world, and have one thing in common: they are interested in using innovative technologies to provide solutions.

Your articles should relate to the key problems that YouCanBook.me is helping them to solve: scheduling, productivity and creating more efficient teams.

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Our readers are smart, busy and interested in solutions with a smile. Our articles offer fun, friendly, results-focused content that they haven't seen anywhere else. Our values are reflected in everything we do. Your content will also need to embrace them.

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Blog posts should be a minimum of 1000 words. If your content is fun, authoritative, and adds value, we're happy for you to submit longer articles.

Content needs to be original. It cannot have been used on other websites. We run plagiarism checks on all submissions.


We welcome images that add value to your content and are respectful of both the image subject and the reader. Please include the source and alt tags for all images. The images need to respect copyright laws and need to represent diversity.

Finally, please be sure to provide a biography and your picture to accompany your post.

Pro tip: We love long blog posts, but we seriously dislike fluff!

How to submit an article


Click the button below and complete the form outlining your idea, providing examples of your work and your contact details.


We will review your submission and, if we like the idea, we will contact you within 5 working days.


When we contact you, we will provide the target and secondary keywords you will need for your article. All the content that goes on our blog is fully optimised.


When you submit your finished post, we will review it against the above guidelines before final sign-off.

We aren't able to respond to everyone so if you don't hear back from us that means your idea didn't make it this time. Please don't take it personally — you're always welcome to try again with a different one. Grin

Please note that if the content doesn't meet all of the requirements, it may not be published.